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Finnish suomalainen / Foreign ulkomainen

Anka Paul : 20 Greatest Hits - Second hand LP

LP-levy 555000


Second hand LP - Yesterday Gold - 15712 year :196?

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Tuote varastossa, heti toimitus

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Data sheet

Artist/NameAnka Paul
Price range3,01-5 euroa
Cover gradingEX
Condition new uusi / used käytettyKäytetty
Finnish suomalainen / Foreign ulkomainenUlkomainen
No classical musicno classical

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20 Greatest Hits

Catagory KLP - käytetty LP-levy
Year: 196?
Genre: 60L
Label: Yesterday Gold 15712
Any additional info: Levy prässätty 1987

Kanes product code: 555000
Weight ( 1 CD = 1 , 1 LP = 12)
The weight of this product is: 12
Secondhand album condition
ten differen codes from the best to worst
EX we do not use MINT or NM , EX is our best
EX- EX+ it is not possible, EX is the best
VG is still in good condition for listening
G these G-records are scraches ( so feel with your fingernail)
P is poor = only for decorative

This LP-record cover image is photographed on location: Kanes Warehouse
Normal warehouse lightning, image has not photoshopped,
only cropped a little bigger than the LP cover, you can check the cover condition.
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