Let me know if you notice a page that needs fixing

From the menu at the top, you can see all the products of a certain category on the screen, in the left column of the search results you can filter the search (section in a little step), some filter a long line with the same name but select one of them and all the products of the filter will be displayed

An update to Kane's pages is being built

At the moment, only payment to the bank account PayPal payment method not installed yet, likewise Bonus-LP section unfinished

Before shop was www.kane.fi/prestashop now https://www.kane.fi

Kane still buys used records and magazines

Call first, you can bring to the warehouse Liisankatu 12 Turku Monday - Thursday from 10:00 - 11:00

Or by mail but to our office address, ask Reijo at kane.fi

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